Servis quality check


Siam Consulting allows you to follow your imports and stay in touch with your partner. As part of a quality control, there are two major checks:

  • Administrative verification of your order and its cargo.
  • Verification of your product which will be exported.

Administrative control

The administrative control consists in checking that all the documents are drawn up for an export of the goods, in good standing. It is indeed simple to export from Asia, on the other hand all the documents of conformity must be gathered to be able to import into Europe (at the risk of seeing your goods blocked and awaiting the proofs of missing or other conformities). The control of these documents must be carried out in priority before any step.

Vérification administrative

Product control

To carry out a technical verification of the products manufactured, it is necessary to rely on the specifications of its manufacture. For this verification, each of the stages of this production must be checked, in proportion to the number of articles in production. This control covers several parts of the process.

  • The materials used.

They must correspond to the requirements of the specifications, in terms of technical capacity, hardness, functionality, etc. In certain cases it is necessary to call on external offices. Lab readings and various tests can be requested in case of suspicion.

  • International standards

The production uses certain standards which must be requested in the case of an export to Europe. To comply with certain standards, CE, and Rohs standards, see ISO 9001 and 9002 may be required. It is therefore important to check their capacity in terms of business to provide these standards during their process and at the end of manufacturing.

  • Packaging and loading

For the end of manufacturing, the personalized packaging must be checked in terms of design and solidity. It must correspond to the specifications requested by the companies. In fact, the design and dimensions of the packaging can correspond to a certain quantity of product per pallet, or even a certain quantity of articles per carton, all representing a volume pre-calculated for its export. The last check shows the quantity on order must correspond to the quantity produced. Note: In some very specific cases of welding technique, or measurement precision, external laboratories will be necessary.

Vérification packaging