His conditions

The personalization of articles makes it possible to stand out by contributing to its competition.

  • Personalization can be enhanced by personalized packaging or by a personalized product and of course by both methods.

Standard products from factories

In all cases, this kind of request is made at the time of negotiations and the submission of the offer. Refusals can happen, but generally they are accepted without particular difficulties, there is still a quantity on order (no need to ask for a single copy or a sample)

Remarque personnalisation

A refusal to personalize a standard product can be due to two main reasons:

  • Insufficient order quantity
  • You do not import with a manufacturer but with a reseller or wholesaler.

Packaging on imported product

  • We can (in certain conditions of relative quantity) request a personalized packaging with its Logo or various information according to the legislation of the importing country. An additional cost is expected.

Commercial information on the imported product

  • In some cases, companies agree to impose in the form of a “Sticker”, a logo or information about your company. An additional cost is also expected.

Customer model

As part of a product designed and produced specifically for you, it is of greater interest to have your own commercial design completely included in the implementation during the production of your new article.

Packaging of your model

  • Companies are competent to carry out, according to the legislation and with your ideas, a concept of commercial packaging adapted to your product and to manufacture it. For this you simply need to develop its design, determine the user manual, and various instructions, languages, etc.

Product customization

  • For the personalization of your product, when making the 3D design of it, it is wise to provide inlays, or prints (several types of technical possibilities exist) on it. (Prototype – Do not change the price of the mold at the manufacturing of the prototype – do not hesitate)


  • In the context of creating a personalization of a standard article, the additional cost generated is not really significant if the quantity exists. (It’s time to negotiate your minimum quantity)
  • When manufacturing your item, we recommend customization on the product (on its mold or template)
  • The personalization of the packaging remains a personal choice, either it remains standard to limit your manufacturing costs, or it is personalized and there will be an additional cost, even low, or even insignificant, if the quantity is large.