Bill of lading


It is a piece of justification, it represents the goods. The bill of lading (administrative translation of Bill of Lading, also known as the Good of loading) is the title which is given by the maritime carrier to the shipper (or his representative) in recognition of the goods that his ship will transport.

It is a maritime transport document. The “Bill of Lading or B / L” is considered as proof of the contract between the shipper of your cargo on “order” and the transporter.

This document records the nature, weight and brands of the goods on board, number of boxes, etc.

The bill of lading must be made out in several copies. The original document may be a title to the goods and may be negotiable.

Copies are intended for each of the parties taking by in the order form.

Nota: There are many forms for this type of document, we choose a simple one for you to understand the principle.

Bon de chargement